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New Orleans Wedding Photographer | New Year's Eve Elopement | Photography by Tracie | Miranda & Nick

New Years Eve's is a day for planning gout your new beginnings, to make some resolutions, to drink champagne and give a kiss at midnight. Here in New Orleans, It's one of the most popular days to get married! Miranda & Nick drove from Wisconsin just so they could start their 2021 together in New Orleans,

Miranda and I had been planning this day for quite some time with me from Wisconsin. One of the amazing things about being a wedding photographer, is getting to meet and work with couples from all over the United States and the world to help them and serve them through their personal journey to "I do". I was her woman on the ground scoping out potential spots for their ceremony and assisting in any other way I could. Miranda was very upfront and let me know that her and Nick just wanted to get married. She didn't want to wear a white dress and have all the traditional wedding moments.They didn't need a big production, hence, they chose to elope; which was perfect for me since I have a no frills elopement option that I honestly adore offering and working with couples that choose to go that route.

New Year's Eve was a rainy one for us. The night before we started looking at the weather and it wasn't appearing to be in our favor so, we made the call do just do it at their Air BnB and call it a day. When I arrived, the rain was tapering off and I checked the radar maps one more time - we literally had a ONE HOUR opening where there would be no rain from 4 until 5!! Miranda and Nick said their vows on the front porch with a gorgeous tropical garden surrounding the front of the home with loads of pretty sunlight literally shining on them. Makes you think someone upstairs had an eye on them and gave Miranda and Nick a moment of calm inside the storms. There were tears and nerves, joy and a lot of kisses. After their ceremony we hoped in the car and went a few blocks over to the Marigny Opera House to get some of that gorgeous patina you only find here in New Orleans as a backdrop for a few wedding photos. As soon as we finished and headed back to the house, the heavens opened, and it began to rain again.

New Orleans Wedding Photographer

New Orleans Elopement Photographer

Portrait Location: Marigny Opera House

Ceremony Location: Marigny

Hi y’all! I’m Tracie! I’m a wedding photographer based out of New Orleans, Louisiana and Baltimore, Maryland and is always ready for the next adventure. I have traveled and worked all over the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. My approach to photography is very non-posed focusing on relationships, not a static 20 poses, and most importantly putting YOU first!

I want to remove your fears about being photographed, and make sure you are having the BEST time ever on your wedding day. I crave to create connections with my couples as clients AND as friends. WE are going to make some serious memories together and I’m legit, so excited to have you be a part of the Photography by Tracie family!

I travel at minimum monthly for weddings, portrait work and with digital creators all around the US and internationally. So, if your dream wedding day is romantic, colorful, offbeat, on a farm, in the city, at a manor, at the bottom of a canyon or on a glacier, I am ready to rock out with you and pour you a glass of champagne to celebrate these magical moments with you. To get the lowdown on my upcoming travel dates or when I’ll be in a town near you, drop me a message here to set up your personalized travel portrait/elopement/engagement session with me!

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