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The Chicory New Orleans Wedding Photographer Baltimore Wedding Photographer Photography by Tracie


Wedding planning is NOT easy. While  this is one of the  most exciting times in yours and your fiancé's lives, it is a pretty stressful one. Load of decisions are being made for this killer day your planning and each step gets you closer to that all important moment where you say 'I do", and the next chapter in life begins. Let me be the first to tell you, I get it, I've been there and I am here to help reduce your stress levels, remove your fears and guide you through this crazy wedding world!

Super Authentic portraits

Im sure you've taken a look at my Instagram and all of the gorgeous wedding day content on the website, let me put you at ease, virtually none of these couples are professional models.  They are normal, everyday couples that have entrusted me to photograph their wedding day, just like you!


 I hear from couples that they don't know what to do, that they don't know how to pose and they have never had photos taken before!

I tell all of my couples when we first meet, whether it's at an engagement session or on your wedding day, "Having your photo taken is weird!  It is awkward feeling and your gonna have feelings of self-consciousness. It is all completely normal!" 


I am here to guide you through it; to take away your stress and  fears about being in front of the camera and I am going to show you and the world just how amazing and in love the two of you are.  And if you need a shot of Fireball - well, we got that in our bag of tricks too!  

Most photographers have their standard poses that they rely on for portraits.  Not me.  I choose to approach portraits from a more candid 'real" place.  20 years from now, I want to you remember the joy of your wedding day, not the 20 poses your wedding photographer made you go through or remember feeling like your wedding day turned in to an 8 hour photo shoot. You should be able to relive the memories of the day from looking at your wedding day photos and they should all be positive!

And hey, don't worry about what to do with your arms or hands.  I grew up in dance studios and have a choreography background - I live to create beautiful and fun moments through movement  so I can photograph  you having the time of your life!!

Documentary style without the fuss

My number one goal is to serve your on your wedding day. A close second is to not turn your wedding day into an 8 hour photoshoot. I am your ninja wedding photographer.  Typically wearing black, I stay out of the way ( unless I need to speak up for the sake of lighting and image quality) I'm quick, effective and only really get in the way to set up family portraits.  I want you living in the moment on your wedding day, not worrying about photo coverage...I got you!  And Mom, I got you - you will have your family formal portraits!!

Diversity is not a Gimmick 


Theres been a HUGE push in the wedding industry in 2020 for photographers who don't show diversity in their portfolios to do so. Truth be told, a lot of photographers just don't have a portfolio of clients that doesn't show more than one skin tone. I can firmly say, that has never been me. The couples that choose to work with me, do so because they can SEE themselves in my portfolio of work. For over 20 years I've worked with  LGBTQ+, bi-racial, caucasian, black, brown, yellow, name it.  My clients are literally a reflection of the people I choose to have in my circle of friends. I work with couples from every diverse background and I honor their heritage and culture and appearance in my work.  My job is to authentically tell your story through your photos and capture the love you feel for your partner in them....and make sure your skin tones are correct!!!

My Brand Is Love

As a creative, we are always asked "What is your brand?"   Is your style Light and Airy, Dark and Moody, Rustic, Colorful...are you Editorial, Classic, Traditional, Photojournalistic, High-Fashion, Luxury..  Personally, I loathe this question. I never really subscribed to the idea that as a creative, I should stuff myself into a box.  I believe your photos should be true to life color.  I believe that your skin tones should be portrayed as they truly are - you should not look orange and you shouldn't have your skin tones desaturated to the point of looking like a zombie, and your photos should not be brown! The uniqueness of your day and the perfection of your beauty should be honored and treated with care in your photographers delivered galleries.  Every images should do justice to the way your wedding day looked and a  preset or some fad in editing really shouldn't be applied to final images for the sake of having a uniform Instagram feed.  From me you will receive  true to life, colorful, vibrant, clean,  fun and creative images, just as your day was meant to be,  Your love is my brand.  My brand is LOVE.

HELLA Fast Gallery Completion Times

I love the one month anniversary mark.  It's a solid 30 days from your wedding day.  You've had a chance to go on your honey moon get back home, start opening cards and gifts and working on those thank you cards.  You've probably gotten back to your normal routine fo work and life and your wedding day seems so long ago.  Then you get an email from me with your complete online wedding day gallery! You get to relive those moments and see all the moments you didn't get to see too!  The epic dance floor shenanigans  and maybe a little Sweet Caroline singalong is in there too! 

Communication is Key

Ever been on a dating app and you get ghosted after a really great conversation?? Yeah, I've been there and it blows.  I'll never leave you hanging. I typically return messages within 48 hours and I am here to help you and answer any questions you many have at every step of your journey to , "I do". 


Need amazing recommendations for DJ's, Bakeries, Bridal Salons, Videographers, Hair & Make Up Artists, Planners and more??. We got you covered!  It doesn't matter if you're getting married in New Orleans or the Baltimore area - I've got a Vendor List full of industry tested vendors that I love and trust completely to set off your dream wedding day!

Options Options Options 

I offer loads of photography options for elopements, micro weddings and full wedding day coverage with second shooters, engagement sessions, bridal sessions, heirloom wedding name it, we can accommodate and make a collection that is just as unique and amazing as you are and it will fit your exact needs perfectly. I also have a few set collections that are tested to be good fits for a large majority of my couples. Just shoot me message here and I can get you my Wedding Collection Guide.

Wedding Day services start at $2595

Elopement and Micro Wedding Services Start at $595

The Experience

1.  Once you've decided on a Collection, I will send you a contract electronically.  A signed contract and a your non-refundable retainer secure your wedding day in my calendar.

2.  Almost all Collections come with an Engagement Session - When you're ready, we'll get that scheduled and find a rad location that fits your needs and wants.  Don't worry, if you're not sure about spaces - I can help.  I've got loads of locations I know of that are fantastic to shoot at!

3. At 30 days, we'll finalize your timeline and I'll forward you my Couples Questionnaire.  We can work through all the logistics and make sure all the team members for your wedding day are on the same page.

4. Your Wedding day!!!  MY number one priority is making sure your are having the time of your live - don't stress about the photos - I got this!  You'll have a sneak peak available super soon and your completed wedding gallery is delivered via an online gallery in about 4 weeks. 

Inquire here for more information



From Nikki-


Perfect choice for camera-shy couples!!

Hiring Tracie to photograph our wedding was one of the best decisions we could have made. My husband and I are two notoriously camera-shy people, so as soon as we got engaged we were both dreading all of the photography activities. As we started meeting with photography venders we realized we would need to work with someone who would be talented, but also laid back and super encouraging. Tracie fit that bill. Upon meeting her she immediately put us at ease through her bubbly personality and her clear love for working with couples. Tracie was able to coax my introverted husband out of his shell, which was no small feat, and she kindly got us to feel comfortable as a couple in front of the camera; by the time we reached our wedding day we felt completely at ease with her, which made all of the difference. In the end our photos turned out beautifully-- and as we look back on our amazing day--we will always remember how great Tracie was and how special she made us look and feel! 

From Kaitlin- 

We hired Tracie as our wedding photographer after an acquaintance recommended her, and we could not have been happier!! We met with Tracie almost a year before our wedding to share what we were hoping to get out of our photographer, and she did not disappoint. She referred to herself as a "photography ninja", meaning that we would hardly see her during our wedding and reception (except for when she was directing portraits). As per her request, we provided Tracie with a list of 10-12 portraits with family we knew we needed to have, and directly after the ceremony, she gathered our families and got through a pile of portraits in no time and was absolutely no nonsense about it (which was important to me, as I wanted to have some time to enjoy our cocktail hour before the official reception began). We loved our finished photos that we received from her not even a month after the wedding. If you're getting married in Maryland (or down in New Orleans), we HIGHLY recommend Tracie! We had so much fun with her and she captured our day perfectly. 

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