• Tracie Smith

New Orleans Wedding Photographer | New Orleans Engagement | Photography by Tracie | Jana & Tony

Jana & Tony chose New Orleans as THE place for their engagement session for so many reasons; high on that list was the city's graveyards. These two sweethearts have in each others lives off and on since they were teenagers and fate brought them back together. I started working with Jana who was coming in to town from Utah and Tony from Washington and they wanted a session around Halloween, but not have it have a Halloween feel. We wanted it to be timeless. My usual shooting style is bright, colorful, vivid and definitely true to life. BUT, after our initial consult and listening to Jana's vision, I knew that we wanted to explore a more moody, ethereal, darker vibe than what I usually create. One of the things I LOVE about photography, is that at it's heart it is an art form. You can create color, and vibes that are outside of your usual wheelhouse and make something unique and specific for a couple. This is exactly what we did and it turned out incredible!! I was able to marry my colorful, vivid style with a moodier look with lots of texture and I'm living for it!!

Jana & Tony had a very stylized 20's Peaky Blinders ascetic - Tony's three piece wool suit with alllll the details and accessories and texture made my day and Jana is absolute perfection with finger waves, and the most epic green gown that was made to move on her figure. We had so much fun with her dress the skirt pops were was to epic to not share in all of our locations.

Seriously....this session in the graveyards of New Orleans is exactly how a dark love engagement session or wedding day should look!