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Luxury Summer Wedding at Tabrizi's | Baltimore Wedding Photographer | Laura & Zach

Updated: May 7, 2020

"Zach and Laura, your journey began the moment you first met. You welcomed each

other’s families, communities and lifelong friends, and joined them together with warmth

and sometimes a great deal of patience.

You built something entirely unique when you started this relationship and over the years it has and will continue to evolve and grow into the beautiful life that you both deserve.

Marriages bring hard days, just as they bring beautiful ones. This day is a reminder of

what your love has already accomplished, and the amazing possibilities of what it can

continue to accomplish and overcome in the many, many years ahead of you.

No ceremony can create your marriage; only you can do that—through love and

patience; through dedication and perseverance; through talking and listening, helping

and supporting and believing in each other; through learning to love each other’s faults

and learning to make the important things matter. What this ceremony can do is to

witness and affirm the choice you make to stand together as lifetime partners and

friends." - Laura and Zachs Wedding Ceremony Service.

I kinda fell in love with Laura and Zach to day we had our engagement session. They were both relocating out of state for work not even week afterwards and I didn't get to see them again until their wedding day. We stayed in touch throughout the process and Laura hired the RIGHT vendors to be able to handle everything here in Maryland. The most important part of this team was and is Tira Lynn Events! Tira is such a task orientated planner and coordinator and she handled all the slings and arrows a wedding day has to offer with style, grace and a warm sweet smile.

The Wedding party was staying at the Hotel Monaco in Baltimore, Maryland . The ladies were on one floor, the fellas on another. When arrived I went straight to Laura and gave her a giant hug and she led me to the master suite where her to die for Pnina Torani gown was awaiting us. This dress was the centerpiece to Lauras dream wedding day and it did not disappoint. Holy cow this dress sparkles and fit her to perfection! The trip to Kleinfeld's in New York City to find her dream gown was worth it!! The couple wanted to do a first look and there is virtually no better place than the marble steps at the Hotel Monaco for this to take place, especially on a steamy July day. The couples first look was an emotional mix of tears, smiles, and a lot of laughter. I can honestly say I had missed these two so much!!!

The ceremony was held indoors at Tabrizi's WaterFront Venue in Baltimore, Maryland due to the 90+ degree weather we were experiencing. God bless the couple and the wedding party for braving the heat and humidity in the early evening so that we could take portraits outside after the sun began to set!

The reception was nothing short of our own personal house party complete with a rocking band. Everyone was drinking, dancing and celebrating Laura and Zach's wedding day. It was a fairytale dream come true for both of them! There are so many moments captured from this day that the blog is really healthy when it comes to my image count. But, it is so worth it. A day this divine, deserves a little extra love. <3

I serve both New Orleans, Louisiana and Baltimore, Maryland and thier surrounding areas and have been a professional photographer for over 20 years. I have seen and photographed so many memories for couples and families, this one for sure, is going to be treasured in my personal favorites for years to come...