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Bridal Session | New Orleans Wedding Photographer

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

"While most brides will be sure to have their photographer snap some solo shots on the wedding day, in the South it is traditional to have bridal portraits – also called “bridals” – taken in advance, so the stunning photographs can be displayed at the reception. Often, these photos are less done for the bride herself, and more for the matriarchs in her family to add to their collection. However, the pictures certainly have additional benefits, such as having fewer must-haves on your shot list to rush through during the hours before your vow exchange. This both allows you more time to take family photos and gives you more time to guarantee you’ll have the perfect picture of yourself as a bride." - Inside Weddings

We book bridal sessions about 2 months before a wedding date so that you have plenty of time to receive your images and have a print made for your family and for display at your wedding reception. Photos are delivered via an online gallery with easy sharing and download functions along with your very important print release. I can submit your orders for prints or you can choose to do them yourself. It's a super easy, fun process and I love getting to send time with my brides one on one before the big day. Check out one of my favorite bridal sessions!!





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