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DC Summer Portrait Session | DC Portrait Photography | Dominique & David | Photography by Tracie

Updated: May 6, 2020

I've had the privilege to meeting people and making friends all over the United States and a few in Ireland. That being said, when friends come in from out of town, you really need to make the time to spend time with them. Cue, Dom's East Coast visit. I've come to the conclusion that she is an East Coast girl born into a West Coast body. I first met Dominique at our mutual fiends wedding week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Over 7 years ago we met and haven't looked back since. She has a fierce love affair with Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs - loves all kinds of seafood, is a Baltimore Raven's fan - she's a Flacco girl - and all the rad friends she's made on the East Coast, it's no wonder she's drawn to this area! Social media has been a blessing in being able to stay in touch over the years and every so many months we'd have a marathon phone call - usually when she's driving home from work or blazing though nursing school or driving the long hours to her boyfriend, Davids house. Well, Dominique and David decided to get married this past year and I so wanted be able to be there, not only to document it for them, but to be present in that moment with them. During one of our conversations in the past few months, she dropped the news that David was going to be in Washington, DC for work and she was coming along. I about died!! One of my bestie was going to be an hour away from me, so I HAD to make the trip down to hang! <3 We ate amazing food, did a little sight seeing and the best part, they asked me to shoot their portraits around Georgetown and the National Mall. Y'all know I said yes! So here are a ton of my favorites of an amazingly sweet couple that I have the honor and priviidge to call my friends. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Dom and David <3 <3

When you tell David to nuzzle Dominique's neck and he hits his head on the marble wall.....


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